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Kit-Kat: Rose & Berry (2019)

Kit-Kat: Rose & Berry (2019)

I admit that when I first read about this flavor, rose & berry, I assumed it was "rosé & berry." This, obviously, is a big difference. This white chocolate Kit-Kat, developed for the Malaysia market is perhaps one of the worst Ive ever had. It has a very strong floral taste and aroma which makes it difficult to pick up on any of the berries--not that I would want to since this combination just doesn't seem like a good idea. This is not the first time Nestle has used rose as a flavor. I recall the 2017 Mother's Day Moleson Kit-Kat 2-pack having a white chocolate stick topped with rose and nuts. As for the packaging, this comes to two different wrappers, both with a Valentines Day theme.

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Photo taken on 16 September 2019 (© jpellgen (@1179_jp) / Flickr)

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