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Vintage Valentine Greeting Card - Heartless Flirt, Printed In USA, Dated 1936 CircusVDay18Show5-10 _DSC6067_full-res Five Days After Valentine's Day Valentine's day. Taken by cellphone. MARC.PennLine.426.BowieMD.14February2018 IMG_0402 “You will have five hundred million little bells, and I shall have five hundred million springs of fresh water.” ―Antoine de Saint-Exupéry 🐱 Love is in the Air!  Happy Valentines Day! Two Hearts - Rumi ❤To My Valentine❤ Feminism is delicious! ―I don’t know which brownie 🍰 to eat first 💕 Hello Midlands Treasure Truck - Central Square, Brindleyplace DC Valentine's Day CircusVDay18Show5-3 CircusVDay18Show3-60 CircusVDay18Show3-63 Pretty in Pink Youre the Only One I Want Friday.POTW.16February2018.Poster IMG_0694 IMG_0492a Valentine's Vendor 3 frog species calling tonight Hello Midlands Treasure Truck - Central Square, Brindleyplace Happy Valentines Day - florist at Ethos Brindleyplace Happy Valentine's Day! 2018 Proposal on House Rules I've always wanted to be a Princess. But now it's different. I want to be your Princess
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