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Printable as 6" x 4" photo Demo for how to do heart card pouch

Printable as 6

Just what it says. For more info, see below.

Save these instructions to your hard drive on your PC or on your phone and print this as a 6" x 4" photo at the instant photo dept., just like you do a photo of any of your favorite people! In case you want to include it with the heart card gift pouch you can make with my templates and instructions. Or print it yourself any size you need to keep it handy.

You see above instructions to making a Give Your Heart Card with a heart card style template interlocked with a backing/gift card. By cutting the backing/gift card in two, it provides a back to a pouch to hold a small flat gift and serves as a gift card in the pouch. Your instructions in putting these together are also included with any heart card style template in the album linked below

See this album: Give Your Heart Cards, offered to you in Jesus' name for the templates to all my printable heart card styles and choices for backing/gift card to go with each one. These are printed as 6" x 4" photos - like in a one-hour photo booth, so no printed needed. You just need scissors.The template and backing/gift card interlocked make a pouch for small, flat gift to give - which encourages your recipient to pass it on - with their own small, flat gift. In the description for the album, I offer gift suggestions, and there is a how-to-video there as well. Have a blessed day.

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Photo taken on 23 June 2017 (© mimitalks, married, under grace / Flickr)

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