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Give Your Heart Cards Style 2 template 1

Give Your Heart Cards Style 2 template 1

Here's how to cut and fold the above-referenced designs:

the how-to-video: www.flickr.com/photos/mimitalks/32746736995/in/album-7215...

a linked photo of a finished design

and a demo image to print, if you'd like:

Save this to your hard drive on your PC or on your phone and print this as a 6" x 4" photo at the instant photo dept., just like you do of a photo of any of your favorite people! (All choices of a backing/gift card template to go with this are also printed as photos ). This template interlocks by folding and cutting only with the matching half of the gift card print template with the black line dividing it. Here's how to do that. Cut off the triangles as shown and fold the bottom flap backwards. Smooth the fold left to right - using thumb and forefinger of one hand - on front and then back. (You can flip the flap up toward the print side of the card and repeat). Unfold the flap on the bottom of template one. Cut along the slightly creased fold line on both sides up to the black outline on the rectangular heart design, then turn scissors to cut up to the notch of either side. You now have a right angle cut on both sides of the design. Flip template over, so back side is facing you - making sure heart's curves are still at the top of the card. Refolding bottom flap of card (print side of bottom showing), now fold printed sides level with heart design toward the back of template 1. Print sides of side and bottom flaps are now showing.
Take the backing/gift card of your choice and cut it apart on center black line. Take the printed half, turn it horizontally and fold the bottom of it back. Stand up backing in the center of the back of template 1, with printed side of backing with flap folded toward back. Standing it up, position it with its fold line even with the horizontal fold line of template 1. It should be inside of the bottom flap of your heart template style, with print side facing you. Firmly fold the outside tabs of your heart template style around backing, toward back side of your backing. With tabs firmly wrapped around the backing, lay backing down - still with print side facing you. Move it to center of the back of template 1, if it isn't. Carefully rotate printed sides of your heart template toward the center of the now interlocked templates and place the cut flaps inside firmly inside the bottom pocket you've created .Your card is now finished, and it's back should resemble the final image on comment 1. It is now cut and folded into a rectangular shape. If it is, you did it! Now write your name with a thin-line permanent marker or dark color gel pen on the space on the gift card under the words "A gift from", stick in a small, flat gift (suggestions only) like a flavored tea bag, a flat sucker or a flat wrapped piece of candy, a personal note from you on decorative paper - folded to fit , a mini note pad, photos of you and your family- which will fit vertically in the pocket you've created. Be inventive and keep the weight of your treat fairly light, so you won't strain the pocket! Have fun! This 1 of many created designs is given to you with my love, in Jesus' name! All possible designs for both heart templates and backings/gift cards are in this album, Give Your Heart Cards (linked below).

See this album: Give Your Heart Cards, my printable gifts to you in Jesus' name for the template to all my printable heart template styles and all backings you can choose. These are printed as 6" x 4" photos - like in a one-hour photo booth, so no printed needed. You just need scissors.The template and backing/gift card interlocked make a pouch for small, flat gift to give - which encourages your recipient to pass it on, with their own small, flat gift. In the description for the album, I offer gift suggestions, and there is a how-to-video there as well. Have a blessed day.

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Photo taken on 23 June 2017 (© mimitalks, married, under grace / Flickr)

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