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Heather in an F4 Phantom USS Midway USS Midway USS Midway Jackson and Portland Geometry Old Ironsides Dassault Rafale M coded 28 VFA-131 Wildcats F-A-18C F/A-18C VFA-131 Wildcats 'Santacat' CAG bird 165221 / 300 lse climate strike banner 191127-N-MM155-1117 191127-N-PX867-1450 191127-N-PX867-1543 191127-N-PX867-1599 191127-N-SH168-2546 191127-N-SH168-2787 Twas the strike before Christmas #UCUStrike Port bow mooring line warping head, anchor chain wildcat and anchor chain BB-61 USS Iowa  foredeck DSC_0022 Lever tool to carry around battleship anchor chain links. BB-61 USS Iowa  DSC_0017 Original Teak deck BB-61 USS Iowa   DSC_0117 (2) BB-61 USS Iowa  Starboard profile of deckhouses and everything above the main deck DSC_0176 Port view of dekhouses  BB-61 USS Iowa  DSC_0435 (1) demo outside downing st demo arriving james on bike end gender pay gap 2019 demo front 2019 Warping head capability engraved on top lDSC_0019 (1) Optical range finder, VERY clear, smooth, bright.  BB-61 USS Iowa   DSC_0065 (2) Port forward bridge, ship's conn, flag hoists, range finders, 5 inch dual purpose turrets  BB-61 USS Iowa  DSC_0385 (1)
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