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Seaman performs a deadlift during a power lifting competition. USS Whidbey Island conducts small boat operations. USS Whidbey Island conducts a live-fire exercise. USS Whidbey Island burial at sea ceremony [Image 6 of 14] USS Whidbey Island (panorama) The end Looking up Skyline from hovercraft bay Aboard the hovercraft Light of day Parked boat (panorama) Hovercraft parking area Military-grade Jaws of Life Turntable (for manuevering vehicles) Firefighting equipment Hovercraft, from above Fueling corridor Hovercraft, from above Watertight Boat Flight deck, from above Below, from above Warning - Stand Clear Launcher Firehoses Just in case Guarding the perimeter Sailing Looking through the Big Eyes No one sits in the Captain's chair!
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