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USS Nimitz (CVN 68) passes Mount Rainier while transiting Puget Sound. 200221-N-KO930-1117 200204-N-NC885-1066 200202-N-NC885-1046 200205-N-OT328-0018 USS Omaha (LCS 12) and USS Sterett (DDG 104) transit the Pacific Ocean. 200124-N-VF045-2047 200125-N-VF045-1062 200118-N-VF045-1039 200118-N-VF045-1258 200118-N-NC885-1169 191117-N-NH257-0033 191120-N-VW723-0683 191123-N-FQ453-0054 191117-N-VW723-0022 A Sailor connects a cable to a MH60-S Sea Hawk helicopter on the flight deck aboard the USS Nimitz 191004-N-NH257-0081 191003-N-NH257-0017 Shooters launch a An E/A-18G Growler on the flight deck of USS Nimitz (CVN 68). 190922-N-OT328-0032 190924-N-VW723-0060 190924-N-VW723-0228 190917-N-FQ453-0347 190915-N-BK664-0097 190913-N-BK664-0226 190823-N-VW723-0020 190801-N-MY842-0019 190801-N-MY842-0053 191123-N-FQ453-0051 191009-N-YR571-0026
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