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Which is not like the other? Greg R., 18 Flight of Ospreys from the Wasp MARFORRES Responds to Florence 180918-D-PB383-019 180918-D-PB383-015 180918-D-PB383-017 180913-D-SW162-4022 180913-D-SW162-4023 180913-D-SW162-4174 180913-D-SW162-4082 180913-D-SW162-3002 180913-D-SW162-3019 180913-D-SW162-3077 180913-D-SW162-1112 180913-M-CT639-0092 180913-D-SW162-1008 180913-D-SW162-1100 CJCS in Mexico City 180912-D-SW162-1041 180912-D-SW162-1048 180907-D-PB383-005 180907-D-PB383-006 180907-D-PB383-009 180907-D-PB383-015 U.S., Indonesian Marines train together as part of the military exchange program during Exercise Bougainville I 180907-D-PB383-022 180828-M-AG794-1005 180824-D-PB383-026 MARFORRES at Northern Strike 2018
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