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Members of the Pacific F-35 Users Group Conference listen to remarks from the PACAF commander U.S. Airmen fly together during a large-scale air defense and strike mission exercise during COPE Tiger 19 A Marine exits the side of a submerged helicopter during underwater egress training at Camp Hansen An MH-60S Sea Hawk helicopter flies toward the aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis The USS Ashland launches a Standard Missile 2 during a missile exercise in the Pacific Ocean The USS McCampbell launches a Standard Missile 2 during a missile exercise in the Philippine Sea U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines arrives for a reception held aboard U.S. 7th Fleet Flagship USS Blue Ridge U.S. Marines stand for a safety inspection before a military free-fall jump during simulated EABO Marines return to Landing Craft, Utility 1651 during a simulated beach raid in Apra Harbor, Guam U.S., Royal Thai, and Singapore Airmen participate in a team-building competition with Ban PaLai school kids during Cope Tiger U.S., Japanese Airmen discuss differences in ammunition loading systems at Naha Air Base U.S. Marines prepare to load an M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System into an C-130 Marines conduct weapons training on a vehicle mounted machine gun range on Camp Hansen U.S. Navy vessels train together in the Philippine Sea to increase their tactical proficiency F/A-18E Super Hornets from Strike Fighter Squadron 136 fly in formation over Calf. Sailors direct the mooring of a landing craft, utility in the well deck of the USS New Orleans A mark 46 shallow water exercise torpedo is fired from the weather deck of the USS McCampbell Sailors aboard the USS Pioneer deploy a tow body 36 over the side as the ship conducts a mine hunting training exercise Marines conduct military operations in urban terrain training aboard Marine Cops Training Area Bellow Landing Craft, Utility 1631 is lifted out of the water in preparation for docking at India Pier at Sasebo Landing Craft, Utility 1633 departs the well deck of the USS Ashland during well deck operations Marines fire an M249 squad automatic weapon during machine gun and heavy weapons training Holds a .50 caliber machine gun outside of an SH-60S Seahawk while operating in the Philippine Sea Philippine Army Aviation and Task Force Diamond Head came together during a team sports day USS Curtis Wilbur participates as the lead ship during a training exercise with the USS Ashland and USS Milius in the Pacific Ocean USS Oklahoma City moors next to USNS Cesar Chavez during an exercise in Apra Harbor, Guam Sailors participate in a live-fire gun exercise aboard the amphibious dock landing ship USS Ashland Airmen conduct search and recovery training during Arctic Gold 19-4 at Eielson Air Force Base Sailors aboard USS Pioneer lower a rigid hull inflatable boat into the water for a personnel transfer in the Philippines Sea USS Stennis makes its approach to the USNS Diehl during replenishment-at-sea operations in the South China Sea
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