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25th Infantry Division held a Change of Command Ceremony on Nov. 5, 2019 at Schofield Barracks Nebraska National Guard 190730-A-BB665-1027 Group and Zero | 5th Regiment, Basic Camp 190413-A-QG670-1025 190412-A-QG670-1007 190405-Z-ON199-1018 Alumni Wreath Laying Ceremony, Parade Review and Luncheon at the United States Military Academy 170927-A-UK263-0013 M-24 Chaffee Tank. M41 Walker Bulldog Tank. CbRVII-094 160712-N-VR008-244 160713-N-OR184-003 CBRN | 11th Regiment, Advanced Camp 190701-A-TD933-20 12th light Railway Engrs and 528th Colored Service Bn., Goreville, France 10-30-18 NARA111-SC-032464-ac Non-commissioned officer looks over the men to see that they are fitted correctly, Camp Meade, MD Oct 4, 1918 NARA111-SC-021004-ac Class of 2019 Ring Banquet U.S. Army All-American Bowl: Bowl Week Practice 171225-D-PB383-008 171225-D-PB383-011 171225-D-PB383-017 171225-D-PB383-021 171223-D-PB383-023 State Best Warrior 2017 161027-A-VL797-179 European Best Sniper Squad Competition 2016 Day 1 160829-N-GZ228-140 160718-N-EH218-015
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