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Chrysler Building Street View - New York City

There Was a Dream and One Day I Could See It

Sonnenberg Gardens & Mansion Historic Park ~ Canandaigua NY Yellow daffodils

Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee, USA

Upper Greeter Falls

Roanoke, Virginia, USA

Roanoke, Virginia, USA

Blue Angels

Eastern State Penitentiary

San Francisco - We're All Hippies !

City Hall - Explore

Detroit Michigan - Detroit Main Library - Interior

High Line Park at dusk - Chelsea, New York City

New York, Café Reggio, je suppose....

I've Been Burned Before and I Know the Score

San Diego California - House of Hospitality - Balboa Park


Lovers on the High Line - New York City

After the rain

Charli Blake

Fish Head Rock: Destroyer of Worlds & Shadows

So Many Times I've Told You

Tennis in the morning - US Open, New York City

Half the Time Has Passed Away

Bedous (64)

Central Park Green - New York City

Keene New York - Sub Alpine Coffee - Coffee House

Tommy & Madison - Madison Square Park, New York City

Street corner astronauts.

Lake Placid New York ~ Olympic Jumping Complex - Adirondack Mountains

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