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USS Chung-Hoon (DDG 93) departs Djibouti during exercise Cutlass Express. Rear Adm. Heidi Berg opens exercise Cutlass Express 2019 in Djibouti. Cutlass Express 2019 training in Djibouti. USS Porter and USS Mount Whitney sail in formation in the Black Sea during exercise Sea Breeze. Commander answers a question from a Midshipman and freshman at the University of University of Notre Dame. 150901-N-ZZ999-001 150831-N-ZZ999-001 150806-N-ZE250-009 150805-N-ZE250-045 150731-N-ZE250-021 150731-N-ZE250-013 150723-N-ZE250-012 150715-N-ZE250-029 150715-N-ZE250-047 150713-N-ZE250-099 150718-N-ZE250-118 150718-N-ZE250-153 150717-N-ZE250-039 150717-N-ZE250-216 150718-N-ZE250-044 150718-N-ZE250-064 Sea Breeze in the Black Sea Sea Breeze in the Black Sea, variant На Півдні України за участю 19 країн проходить українсько-американське навчання “Сі Бриз-2018” USS Mason (DDG 87) VBSS Exercise With French Navy USS Mason (DDG 87) MSO with FS Forbin (D620) USS Mason (DDG 87) MSO 151211-N-VE959-407 151016-N-VC236-002 150715-N-OX801-081
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