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A Sailor stands watch aboard USS Boxer (LHD 4). 191012-N-DL524-0048 191012-N-PM193-1073 191013-N-PX867-1051 USS Arlington Multiple aircraft from Carrier Air Wing 5 fly in formation over USS Ronald Reagan 191009-N-PJ626-5512 191009-N-PJ626-5512 Multiple aircraft from Carrier Air Wing 5 fly in over USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76). 191009-N-FG333-1009 191009-N-FG333-2433 191002-N-HD110-1428 191004-N-DX072-1070 191004-N-DX072-1179 Landing craft, Air Cushion 21 approaches the beach while USS Green Bay is anchored off the coast Ships from Reagan CSG and Boxer ARG are underway information while conducting security & stability operations 191004-N-PJ626-5512 191004-N-PJ626-0003 191006-N-VI515-0064 191006-N-VI515-0064 191004-N-DX072-1042 A CH-53E Super Stallion takesoff from the flight deck USS Boxer (LHD 4) during Tiger Strike 2019. Landing Craft, Air Cushion approaches the beach while during exercise Tiger Strike 2019. 191006-N-VI515-0064 191006-N-VI515-0064 Growler As Grey as the Overcast Smoking the Tires at OLF Coupeville 190930-N-HE318-1632 191004-N-PM193-1017 191013-N-WS494-1044 191010-N-PQ586-1372
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