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North American T-28B Trojan USS Nimitz and USS Vella Gulf patrol alongside each other in the Arabian Gulf. Untitled P-3C Coming In to Land Over Waves & Puget Sound AFTERBURNING OVER AN ABBY TREE RHINO ATTITUDE IN THE TWILIGHT 171111-N-CL027-100 171110-N-KR702-039 171109-N-KR702-036 171105-N-YR245-167 171106-N-LC642-023 171106-N-OU129-069 171106-N-JH929-067 171104-N-XU691-178 171030-N-GP724-1092 North American T-28B Trojan North American T-28B Trojan 171017-N-XU691-208 North American T-28B Trojan 171025-N-UX013-119 171025-N-JH929-225 171016-N-UX013-656 Blue Angels @ Fleet Week (3) Blue Angels @ Fleet Week (2) 3d Dental Battalion leadership tour Okinawa Dental Hygiene School in Urasoe, Okinawa 171007-N-RM689-131 EP-3E Aries III at the 2017 NASWI Open Hous 171006-N-CL027-161 171003-N-CL027-128 171002-N-UX013-367
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