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Sculptures of Native Man and Woman in the Parque Vargas of the port city of Porto Limon. Tourist street restaurant in Yangon Whitegoods in Yangon Jerusalem, Israel Trieste Trieste Trieste Trieste 18drd0020 18drc0045 17drd0362 17drd0237 17dra0192 16drb0408 The International Space Station over Mexico city 7_DSC6900 7_DSC6875 Stairs 2a7_DSC0908 Yangon doorway chicken 0A7_DSC2305 DRP140821_0941D Evening Sky III (Querétaro 19 February 2019) DRD160901_0799 DRD160605_0827 Point-Saint-Charles Snow Storm Montreal Prohibition Taproom Philadelphia Times Square NYC _MG_8145 _MG_8171
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 city, street, architecture, art, graffiti, night, bw, wall, building, sky
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