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MuscleTraction shadow The „S“ class Last call on the High Line - New York City City Lights - Chelsea, New York City Skyline Reflections - New York City I found a snail staircase Hudson Yards on Opening Night - New York City Out of the dark The High Line - New York City Shit, I missed the tram! On the High Line - Chelsea, New York City City Nights - Chelsea, New York City Mar Memorial Park in night fog. Little Rock, Arkansas. The Berlin Cathedral at the spring Urban Canyon - Midtown, New York City The Bode-Museum in Berlin Benjakiti lake with skyline and Bougainvilleas in Bangkok, Thailand Friends - Chelsea Piers Park, New York City An Old Town - Limassol, Cyprus Hunting the cliche Between the chairs Walk the dog pt.2 - Chelsea, New York City Chelsea Cityscape - Manhattan, New York City West Chelsea Cityscape - New York City Night and Rain Danced over the City Streets Sky full of diamonds Bermeo,  Feb19 OPORTO   -   PORTO Carnacual?
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 city, street, architecture, art, graffiti, night, bw, wall, building, sky
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