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Berlin Summer night Szeged [2007] Grenadier Pond - Toronto Sea of yellow... Untitled Walk This Way, Talk This Way, Must Be Run-DMC Fans Red hair/white landscape - Chelsea, New York City Climb up - Flatiron, New York City Untitled Untitled Stadtbibliothek - Stuttgart, Germany - Architecture photography Oerlikon The lady, the dog and... Mao In the City (Yellow Cap) - Chelsea, New York City Running street On the block - Chelsea, New York City Car Wash - 10th Avenue, New York City At the park - Chelsea, New York City Rainy Day Free Hugs - Times Square, New York City Celebrating heritage Meditation Black and white doorways, West 11th Street, Greenwich Village, New York Luz no horizonte... Matera The Berlin Allianz-Treptowers with Molecule Men urban perception On campus - Columbia University, New York City The Move Cambie Corridor
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 city, street, architecture, art, graffiti, night, bw, wall, building, sky