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Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park Sri Mariamman temple on Southbridge road in Chinatown in Singapore Muscle traction Central Business District (CBD) or downtown of Singapore seen from Marina Bay Hudson blues - SoHo, New York City Window art The descend - Oculus, New York City 10th Avenue walk - Chelsea, New York City Red tricycle - Chelsea, New York City Gus The Other Barber The Point Blue Corner, Christchurch, NZ Soto Tokyo Life - Shinjuku alley [Explored] Shadowy figures - New York City Enjoy the nature ☆ „Thanks for the Flickr explore“ A walk in the park - New York City New beginnings In with the new, Christchurch,  NZ Inside the Oculus - WTC, New York City Alleyway Graffiti No 3 Lower Manhattan, New York City Bergen at Night Spaceship Spandau Midtown View from East River State Park Brooklyn New York City NY P00378 DSC_1479 Impressions of a city Christchurch Art Gallery Horse & carriage - Central Park, New York City “There is nothing negative about change, if it is in the right direction.” From Winston Churchill Emerald Towers - Central Park, New York City
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