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Concept art for Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971) by Dick Kelsey Weedy view - Phyllopteryx taeniolatus Worm Sea Anemone Spurilla braziliana Keyhole Angelfish - Centropyge tibicen Blacktip Grouper, East Indian Ocean form - Epinephelus fasciatus Very Small Shrimp Vanderhorstia ornatissima Orange Anemonefish - Amphiprion sandaracinos Tadpole Ups and Downs in Econfina Blue Under En las Profundidades de Egipto Periscope DOWN: Long Way to Grow Sepia mestus Swimming anemone - Phlyctenactis tuberculosa Greenie Getting Some Screen Time Shocking Discovery at Navarre Beach Marine Sanctuary Southern Peacock Sole - Pardachirus hedleyi #marineexplorer Seastar Collector Porcupinefish - Diodon hystrix Trimma cana Scorpaena jacksoniensis scorpionfish Tadpole Thinking Outside the Box What are these Shrimps doing? Scorpion Fish Redspot Wrasse, initial phase - Pseudocoris yamashiroi Bloch's Bigeye - Priacanthus blochii
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