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Yacht near Coral island, Phuket, Thailand Yacht near Coral island, Phuket, Thailand Siganus guttatus Roma's Pinnacle El Abismo - The Abyss Sunset at Clifton Springs-3 Aliens eggs Giant cuttlefish Sepia apama stealth welcome #marineexplorer Weedy seadragon Phyllopteryx taeniolatus Day 026. IMG_3283s IMG_3319s Sunset, Sea                 IMG_3327s Her catch of the Day                 IMG_3340-1s Fishing portrait            IMG_3341s Fishing. Catch of the Day              IMG_3352s Fishing. Catch of the Day              IMG_3366s Fin wave! Threebar porcupine fish - Dicotylichthys punctulatus #marineexplorer Reefscape Ring Bubble cosmos Underwater Friends Flame Angelfish - Centropyge loriculus Synodus variegatus Heteroscarus acroptilus - Rainbow cale Sunset at Clifton Springs-5 Smallscale bullseyes Pempheris compressa Sunset, Sea               IMG_3328s Sparefishing. Catch of the day         IMG_3333s2 The Lesser Siren
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