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Surin and Similan archipelago, yacht cruise and underwater photos GOPR1104 Tridacna gigas Pale Damsel - Amblyglyphidodon indicus Threespot Wrasse, juvenile - Halichoeres trimaculatus Sand Shrimpgoby with commensal Alpheus shrimp - Ctenogobiops feroculus with Alpheus djeddensis Attack of the Otters in Alexander IMG_1996S IMG_1069bs Ribbon Eel - Rhinomuraena quaesata HAWAII 2014 Agincourt Reef, Great Barrier Reef, Queensland (483807) Tower of soft coral Emerald Spring Discharge Austrodromidia octodentata Have sponge will travel #marineexplorer #GSRfieldtrip Heteroscarus acroptilus - Rainbow cale Mourning cuttles in the seagrass Sepia plangon Breakfast in Blue Springs Acreichthys tomentosus Crinoid Shrimp Lost at Sea White Damsel, juvenile - Dischistodus perspicillatus Raccoon Butterflyfish Ripley's Aquarium - Believe It Or Not Whip coral shrimp P8180104 Duo dive HAWAII 2014 HAWAII 2014 #790 great seahorse (オオウミウマ)
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