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XOKA3215s night Blue flasherwrasse (Paracheilinus cyaneus) Under flowing Pale Damsel, juvenile - Amblyglyphidodon indicus Encrusting Sponge Strawberry Conch Yellow-edge Lyretail - Variola louti Yu Diving at Knutsford Leisure Centre Your Lie in April Zigzag Wrasse, juvenile with lunch - Halichoeres scapularis Pearl Toby, juvenile - Canthigaster margaritata Grey Nurse Shark Yu Diving at The Manchester Aquatics Centre Southern fanworm - Sabellastarte australiensis Josh and the weedy Sleeping Parrotfish Sharksucker Sucks Angas' glossodoris - Glossodoris angasi #marineexplorer Leache's compound ascidian - Botrylloides leachii Anchor Line Blenny Saber Hippocampus whitei seahorse Ghost Pipefish Eggs Sergeant baker in his cave - Aulopus purpurissatus Gloomy octopus - Octopus tetricus Yu Diving at Knutsford Leisure Centre Sand Anemone HAWAII 2014
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 fish, water, diving, sea, scuba, ocean, blue, coral, aquarium, reef
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