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Blue Blur in the St. Andrews Channel

Blue Blur in the St. Andrews Channel

During the last couple weeks of September, I got the chance to explore the St. Andrews channel side of the "kiddie pool" jetty several times.

With the addition of a second Sea Dragon light, I was able to peer into the maze of crevasses and under the ledges.

I spotted a bunch of blues on a few occasions, but they were always a little too skittish, which made them hard to "catch" especially with less than ideal water clarity, wave action, and seemingly constant wake.

St. Andrews State Park
West Jetty- St. Andrews Bay Channel side
Panama City Beach,
Bay County, Florida, USA

Olympus OM-D E-M5
14-42mm II Lens
PT-EP08 Underwater Housing,
PPO-EP01 Lens Port
Sea Life Sea Dragon 2000 & Sea Dragon 2500 Underwater Light

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Photo taken on 21 September 2017 (© Phil's 1stPix / Flickr)

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