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Canyon Me Counting change in the rain, Manchester, 2014 sunset (1 of 1)-8 Lunch time in Granary Square Yesterday as opposed to today Vigili Del Fuoco attack the fire Piazza San Carlo, Torino, 2013 (Explored 31/07/2014) Blood drool Her eyes cast a spell Cloud and Sheep Michael Myers I don't want to know what this guy did for his Klondike bar! US Airways Flight 2799 departs Hartsfield Jackson for Charlotte Take it. I dare you — with Vyper SynVille. Under a diamond sun brothers MInto Bridge, Ottawa, 2014 Dog walker, Rochdale canal, Manchester, 2014 Flip on Fire Mali in the Stars with Diamonds Chorlton Street Car Park, Manchester, 2014 Protest, Manchester, 2014 Henrique steals a fish Burning Car, Torino, 2013 The street card players of Torino Manitoba Bison herd About turn on the march, Rideau Hall, 2014 You turn me upside down
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