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john torigian collection image john torigian collection image john torigian collection image Commander takes a selfie with Sailors. USS San Diego transits the Pacific nearing the end of deployment.  Take a close look at the helo deck. 180129-N-BK384-195 171229-N-OH628- USS America departs Singapore following port visit 171226-D-PB383-014 171226-D-PB383-016 171225-D-PB383-067 171225-D-PB383-035 171224-D-PB383-070 180315-N-ZL062-0042 180314-N-HE318-0043 us navy ship image fa-18 hornet fa-18 hornet fa-18 hornet 180306-N-ZS023-012 180304-N-ZS023-035 180222-N-YM543-456 180210-N-FN963-0075 180207-N-JH929-150 john torigian collection image USS Langley 180205-N-GR847-068 USS Ohio undated NARA165-WW-335A-052_001 180123-N-DA434-393 180119-N-ZS023-021 180103-N-ZS023-001
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