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180716-N-PJ626-0111 180711-N-CZ893-3003 Sailors conduct a simulated fire drill aboard the USS Blue Ridge 180716-N-HE318-2074 USS Porter and USS Mount Whitney sail in formation in the Black Sea during exercise Sea Breeze. Participating nations sail in formation in the Black Sea during exercise Sea Breeze 2018. 180715-N-YR245-0228 Philippine Navy ships BRP Ramon Alcaraz and BRP Tarlac sail in formation with the USNS Millinocket during RIMPAC 2018 ---grumman f-14 navy tomcat jet black lions over war damaged oil fire background signed from Douglas XSB2D-1 in flight ZODIAC [blimp] (LOC) 180712-N-OU129-033 180711-N-OU129-086 180713-N-OY799-0396 180713-N-OY799-0369 180713-N-OY799-0323 180713-N-OY799-0294 180713-N-OY799-0280 180713-N-OY799-0059 180713-N-OY799-0263 180713-N-OY799-0265 Two UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters dropping off supplies during HADR training during RIMPAC 2018 180712-N-OY799-0014 180712-N-OY799-0080 180712-N-OY799-0135 180712-N-OY799-0182 180711-N-OY799-0698 NYC RR Freight Pier, 4 speckled submarines and a Monitor from Pier F, Brooklyn Navy Yard Nov. 4, 1915 NARAjob-10-a2-131-0124-00013_AC Mobile Diving Salvage Unit 1 Diving Operations during RIMPAC 2018 180710-N-OY799-0089
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