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ARGMEUEX 2018 Multinational service members and honored guests celebrate the groundbreaking ceremony at Cabu Elementary School in support of Exercise Balikatan OA-4M H&MS-11 MMP 2.B5.F13.3 MMP 2.B5.F10.2 MMP 2.B5.F9.2 MMP 2.B5.F9.1 MMP 2.B5.F9.3 MMP 2.B5.F9.16 MMP 2.B5.F6.2 MMP 2.B5.F5.10 MMP 2.B5.F5.12 180430-N-GR847-0013 South Kanto Defense Bureau Visit Arms Training Complex, Camp Fuji ARGMEUEX 2018 180426-N-GR847-0037 ARGMEUEX 2018 ARGMEUEX 2018 ARGMEUEX 2018 ARGMEUEX 2018 180424-N-UA103-0261 Marines perform weapons maintenance to prepare for the Artillery Relocation Training Program aboard Camp Fuji, Japan MRF-D Marines arrive in Darwin, Australia MMP 2.B5.F13.2 MMP 2.B5.F13.1 MMP 2.B5.F13.11 MMP 2.B5.F13.9 MMP 2.B5.F10.1 MMP 2.B5.F6.16 MMP 2.B5.F5.11
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