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191113-N-KG461-1088 191107-N-PQ586-1624 191107-N-PQ586-1697 191108-N-PX867-1011 191108-N-PX867-1075 191108-N-PX867-2007 191109-N-NG710-1366 U.S. Sailors a live-fire exercise aboard the USS Boxer 191013-N-PX867-1022 191016-N-SH168-2062 191016-N-SH168-1004 191016-N-SH168-2056 191016-N-SH168-2062 191016-N-SH168-2078 191016-N-SH168-2056 191024-Z-NI803-0063 191024-Z-NI803-0768 191024-Z-NI803-0985 191024-Z-NI803-1004 191024-Z-NI803-1644 191029-N-PQ586-1900 191026-N-IQ884-1012 The USS Boxer conducts a replenishment-at-sea with the fleet replenishment oiler ship USNS Pecos New Jersey National Guard 191010-Z-NI803-0396 191010-Z-NI803-0575 191010-Z-NI803-0894 191010-Z-NI803-0984 191010-Z-NI803-1289 191028-N-PM193-1013
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