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Hitler's death

Hitler's death

[FR] Journal américain de Paris daté du 2 Mai 45, annonçant la mort d'hitler 2j auparavant.

[GER] Zeile in der Zeitung der US-Army "Stars And Stripes" nach dem Bekanntwerden von Hitlers Tod

[US] News paper from the Star and Stripes, Paris Edition. 1fr, the May 2, 1945

-"The German radio announced last night that Adolf Hitler had died yesterday afternonoon"

-"The announcement preceding the proclamation by Doenitz said : "it is reported from the Fuehrer's headquarters that ouf Fuehrer, Adolf Hitler, has fallen this afternoon at his command post in the Reich Chancellery, fighgting to the last breath against Bolshevism and for his country, on April 30, the Fuehrer appointed Grand Adm.Dönitz as his successor;"
Stars and Stripes, the official US Army magazine.

Le journal reprend les mots de la radio allemand annonçant la mort d'hitler et de Karl Dönitz son successeur.

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Photo taken @ Caen on 6 May 2017 (© Falcon_33 / Flickr)

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