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170527-A-MQ748-040 170509-A-HE539-052 Staying In Front The Jarrard Family State Best Warrior 2017 State Best Warrior 2017 State Best Warrior 2017 State Best Warrior 2017 Rear Adm. arrives at the Continuing Promise 2017 campsite in Trujillo, Honduras. Roma at Bolling Field - Florida Cessna M337B / O-2A 170203-A-BP709-124 Member of the United States Army Military Police at a vehicle check stop [28th Infantry at Fort Crockett, Galveston, Texas] Kenworth - Finalists at Chamber with T680 Rescues from GR'T [GREAT] NORTHERN (LOC) U.S. Army enters Germany (LOC) Fisheye Selfie Inside the CH-47D 170527-A-MQ748-034 170527-A-MQ748-035 170316-Z-GN092-027 170317-A-UM624-361 State Best Warrior 2017 Sgt. Bear Tank Hall Lt. Cols. A.V. Crookston & T.L. Hazlett (LOC) Latvijā nogādāta nākamās “Atlantic Resolve” rotācijas militārā tehnika WWI 14.B7.F85.1 13th ESC: Sustaining basic life needs in Africa Guarding the Unknown
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