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WWII 33.B4.F16.1 WWII 33.B4.F10.2 WWII 33.B4.F5.9 WWII 33.B4.F2.12 WWII 33.B3.F6.6 WWII 33.B3.F6.11 WWII 33.B3.F5.1 Railroad 15 miles in length used between dock on Potomac R. and Camp Humphreys, VA ca1918 NARA165-WW-524F-002 Swimming at Silver Lake adjacent to barracks at Interlaken army Training Camp, Rolling Prairie, IND ca 1918 2 NARA165-WW-524G-007 US Army UH-60 Black Hawk Cardio-vascular exam by  Cpt. Whitney in Mineola NY 4-7-18 NARA165-WW-479A-030 180308-Z-EL858-246 WWI 100.F2.Postcard1914 171226-D-PB383-006 Graduationing Cadets meet and greet with LTG Caslan with reception Gen. March (LOC) WWII 33.B4.F14.6 WWII 33.B4.F14.11 WWII 33.B4.F4.15 WWII 33.B4.F1.2 WWII 33.B3.F16.7 YMCA Amphitheratre at Camp Humphreys, VA ca1918 NARA165-WW-524F-012 Engineers Truck Company, Camp Humphreys, VA c1918 NARA165-WW-524F-026 Sandhurst 2018 Sandhurst 2018 Cessna Citation II N50123 _MG_0126 U.S. Army leadership honors Royal Thai Army Commander-in-Chief during a ceremony aboard Palm Circle, Fort Shafter 180118-Z-EL858-108 Église Notre-Dame 1944/2017 171226-D-PB383-021
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