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Exercise Rock Tundra Soldiers improve tactics with CBRXI Nike Hercules Radar Systems Inside Nike Hercules Magazine (1) Carl Gwartney Collection Image Army War College 2018 International Fellows Program visits West Point Army War College 2018 International Fellows Program visits West Point Each recruit is measured with results marked on clothing slip. Camp Meade, MD Oct. 4, 1918 NARA111-SC-021002-ac 2018 Nininger Award Recipient Major General Allan Harrell tours the U.S. Military Academy Trinity Site Sherman M9 ACE Mine Clearing Vehicle 2018 Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Conference 116th Cavalry Brigade Combat Team, Royal Thai Army conduct live-fire during Hanuman Guardian 2018 369th Regiment on review, Maffrecourt, France May 5, 1918 NARA111-SC-11916 Class of 2019 Cadets Receive Class Rings Industrial railway on Camp Humphreys VA ca1918 NARA165-WW-281B-007 3,000 feet of lumber per flat car being hoisted up the incline on the RR to Camp Humphreys May 1918 NARA111-SC-009900-ac Industrial RR near the South end of Camp Humphreys, VA May 1918 NARA111-SC-009896-ac Class of 2022 March Back Trolley line at Langley Field 10th Regiment, Advanced Camp | Field Training Exercise WWII 136.F7.2 Perryville Battlefield, Parson's Ridge Army vs Liberty Army vs Liberty M4 (75) U.S. soldiers move forward to the local support-by-fire position during a combined arms live-fire exercise 8th Regiment, Basic Camp | Drill and Ceremony Competition
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