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171103-F-LI975-0359 Latvijā ierodas nākamā ASV operācijas “Atlantic Resolve” karavīru rotācija 170731-F-MG591-326 170912-F-MG591-032 Staff Sgt Child, Her D4 and Her Unit's A-10C Warthog 190th FS Warthog Four Ship Breaking For Home Four A-10s of the 190th FS Pass in Monochrome Review North American P-51D Mustang North American P-51D Mustang PACAF CC 170913-F-QA288-0023 LOOKING STRAIGHT UP AT OVERFLYING C-17... SOARING McCHORD C-17 STARTING TO BREAK RIGHT 170915-F-LI975-0289 170912-F-LI975-0125 170912-F-LI975-0023 170823-F-RU983-0018 170823-Z-FW757-016 A U.S. Air Force E-3 Sentry flies over USS Theodore Roosevelt. 170810-Z-CJ326-1002 170810-F-LI975-0413 170712-F-SH076-0011 170713-F-SH076-0022 170804-F-LI975-0004 B&W Close-Up of the C-17 Nose 170728-Z-ZZ999-003 170803-F-LI975-0305 170801-F-LI975-0028 170719-F-LI975-0392 170719-F-LI975-0424
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