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Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum, McMinnville, Oregon Perform pre-flight checks on a USAF F-16 Fighting Falcon before taxiing prior to kick-off of Exercise Cobra Gold U.S. Airmen assess a fuel tank before detaching it from an USAF F-16 Fighting Falcon prior to Exercise Cobra Gold 2019 robert kemp collection image robert kemp collection image robert kemp collection image Air gunner infront of his B-24 bomber 1944. 190125-F-VS137-1148 A JASDF Tech. Sgt. delivers a speech during the 2018 JAAGA Awards Ceremony New Jersey National Guard Thunderbirds - roaring over our house again! Super Bowl LIII - Thunderbirds practicing over our house!  ... tonight 190131-Z-NI803-0098 190131-Z-NI803-0020 190131-Z-NI803-0028 190131-Z-NI803-0032 190131-Z-NI803-0038 190131-Z-NI803-0041 190131-Z-NI803-0124 190131-Z-NI803-0149 190131-Z-NI803-0159 190131-Z-NI803-0170 190131-Z-NI803-0200 190131-Z-NI803-0248 190131-Z-NI803-0275 190131-Z-NI803-0296 190131-Z-NI803-0328 190131-Z-NI803-0334 190131-Z-NI803-0348 190131-Z-NI803-0353
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