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USS Mason (DDG 87) Belfast Port Visit U.S. Navy destroyer transits the Mediterranean Sea. A civil service mariner welds aboard USS Mount Whitney at Shipyard in Rijeka, Croatia. USS Ross transits the Mediterranean Sea Nov. 16, 2016. USS Ross Sailors watch as the French aircraft carrier conducts flight operations. French Rear Adm. Olivier Lebas speaks to officers aboard USS Ross Sept. 24, 2016. Sailor takes inventory of 5 inch ammunition aboard USS Ross. USS Mason (DDG 87) MSO with FS Forbin (D620) USS Mason (DDG 87) MSO USS Mason (DDG 87) Flight Quarters 151211-N-VE959-407 151015-N-VC236-037 151015-N-VC236-041 150901-N-ZZ999-001 150831-N-ZZ999-001 150731-N-ZZ999-002 150806-N-ZE250-048 150731-N-ZE250-021 150713-N-ZE250-088 150715-N-ZE250-028 150715-N-ZE250-047 150806-N-ZE250-002 150806-N-ZE250-048 150809-N-ZZ999-001 150805-N-ZE250-045 150805-N-ZE250-039 150805-N-ZE250-029 150805-N-ZE250-004 150805-N-ZE250-063 150803-N-FQ994-200
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