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160725-N-GK781-054 USS Winston S. Churchill fires a Standard Missile (SM) 2. French Rear Adm. Olivier Lebas speaks to officers aboard USS Ross Sept. 24, 2016. USS Mason (DDG 87) VBSS Exercise With French Navy USS Mason (DDG 87) MSO with FS Forbin (D620) 151015-N-VC236-047 150731-N-ZZ999-002 150715-N-ZE250-028 150806-N-ZE250-002 150806-N-ZE250-075 150805-N-ZE250-045 150731-N-ZZ999-001 150731-N-ZE250-030 150723-N-ZE250-012 ZZ999-N-150726-001 150720-N-ZE250-022 150715-N-ZE250-029 150715-N-ZE250-040 150715-N-ZE250-047 150720-N-ZE250-145 150719-N-ZZ999-038 150719-N-ZZ999-080 150719-N-ZE250-111 150719-N-ZZ999-086 150717-N-ZE250-039 150717-N-ZE250-196 150717-N-ZE250-207 150718-N-ZE250-021 150718-N-ZE250-044 150715-N-OX801-120
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