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Bugatti Type 35 C 1931

Bugatti Type 35 C 1931

No other automobile manufacturer revolutionised the sports and racing car world quite as much as Ettore Bugatti. Born in an Italian artist and craftsman family, he was one of the first in 1910 to realise that better performance could be gained by reducing weight instead of ever increasing engine size. A lightweight construction provided better acceleration, better roadholding, far better braking and a welcome reduction in petrol consumption.
The Type 35 Grand Prix caused a sensation when first entered in the Grand Prix de Lyon in 1924. It was most beautiful and highly sculptural (as all of Ettore Bugatti's creations), and it was instantly fast and successful, blessed with high performance, superb handling and brakes, very reliable, and the cast aluminium Bugatti wheels were as technically innovative as they were beautiful. Later upgraded with a supercharger as Type 35 B and 35 C, the Type 35 Grand Prix gained over 2.000 victories by 1927, continued to win races through 1931 and is one of the most successful and legendary Grand Prix cars of all times.
The performance of the Type 35 B and Type 35 C is astonishing. With a weight of only 700 kg and the 8-cylinder with supercharger producing over 150 horsepower, the performance was outstanding. Even more staggering was the performance when operating these supercharged engines on methanol, increasing the power further to near 180 horsepower. The handling was superb, light and totally forgiving, allowing to drive the Type 35 with great ease in any type of race. Through Ettore Bugatti's genius gearbox construction, the gears can be changed as quickly as any modern synchromesh gearbox. The steering is most precise, and the brakes are most efficient at any speed.
This particular car is very special for a number reasons. It belonged to Louis Trintignant and later Maurice Trintignant and had a very active racing career particularly in 1932 (La Turbie 1st, Nice 1st, Grand Prix Lorraine 1st, Grand Prix de Nice 5th, Klausen 1st, Cap d'Antibes 4th). During World War II the car was hidden in a French barn, and for 30 years the legendary Antoine Raffaelli pursued the owner until he could finally buy and retrieve the car, and Laurent Rondoni finally brought the dormant car back to life.

Engine specification : 8-cylinder 1991 cc Grand Prix engine, 170 horsepower
Engine design : roller-bearing with Roots supercharger
Weight : 700 kg
Chassis n°51128


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Photo taken @ Paris on 3 February 2015 (© tautaudu02 / Flickr)

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