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Ancient greek playing harp Argent's Sphynx Impression Bonkers' Alarm Went Off Napping Until Dinner Whose Couch? Cats Near the All-Important Heater Warming up With a Tunic, Heater, and Warm Mat Not Congruent: Norio and his Tunic Back to a Warm Nap Profoundly Happy Argent in a Dark Mood Argent's Interruption Soundly Asleep in his Favorite Spot Again? Norio in his Fashionable Tunic Argent's Dark Panorama Back in a Former Favorite Spot Argent with Norio Treacherous Sunlight Norio and His Tongue + Argent Argent Ignores Norio Sleepyhead Argent Avoiding the Camera Norio’s Formal Portrait Bonkers this Evening Thankfully not a Sneeze Sleepy Group of Cats Separated at Birth
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