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181213-F-GA541-0415 181213-F-GA541-0415 Japan Air Self-Defense Airmen await the greenlight to airdrop two bundles during Operation Christmas Drop 2018 Royal Australian Airmen prepare a bundle to be airdropped to the atoll of Kapingamarangi during OCD 181210-F-EZ530-0280 Operation Christmas Drop on Fais Island, Federated States of Micronesia An airman communicates via radio during the refueling process at Operation Christmas Drop 181206-F-GA541-0131 Santa's Helpers Make First Christmas Drop of 2018 170307-D-PB383-011 _MG_8174 Islanders carry a box of humanitarian supplies from the air-drop site to their village center during OCD Navy MH-60S Seahawk participates in Exercise Cope North 2018 near Tinian 170307-D-PB383-006 170307-D-PB383-010 170307-D-PB383-015 170307-D-PB383-018 170307-D-PB383-021 170307-D-PB383-022 TRIANGULISM 151207-F-KB808-347 President Jacob Zuma attends G20 Summit, 14 Nov 2015 _MG_8188 _MG_8278 _MG_8284 _MG_8326 _MG_8354 _MG_8371 _MG_8392 _MG_8401
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