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Chiang Rai, Tai Ya couple

Chiang Rai, Tai Ya couple

Chiang Rai, Asean Flower Festival, Tai Ya couple

Tai peoples refers to the population of descendants of speakers of a common Tai language, including sub-populations that no longer speak a Tai language. There is a total of 93 million Tai people, scattered throughout South Asia and Southeast Asia. Unsurprisingly, there are many terms used to describe the distinct Tai peoples of these regions.

The Tai practice a type of feudal governance that is fundamentally different from that of the Chinese, and is especially adapted to state formation in ethnically and linguistically diverse montane environments centered on valleys suitable for wet-rice cultivation. The form of society is a highly stratified one.

Tai Ya, also known as Tai-Cung, Tai-Chung and Daiya, is a Southwestern Tai language of southern China. It is also spoken by around 5,000–6,000 people in Chiang Rai Province, Thailand.

It is noted that unlike other more widely studied Dai languages, Tai Ya has no traditional orthography, though it has a rich oral tradition. This lack of orthography may endanger the survival of Tai Ya in future generations in Thailand, as the Tai Ya people shift towards the use of Northern Thai and Central Thai, due to the lack of literature in Tai Ya. However, it has been attested that language vitality as a whole (including the majority speakers in Yunnan Province) is high and "likely to be spoken by future generations".

Tai Ya is also known as Tai-Cung, Tai-Chung, Daiya, and Huayao Dai (Multi-colored Waistband Dai).


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Photo prise @ Rim Kok le 24 décembre 2016 (© Arian Zwegers / Flickr)

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