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Preset Fun

Preset Fun

Time to take a dive into Lightroom and Luminar presets and how they can enhance your images...

Trey Ratcliff's Festival Presets (and they're not just for Festivals!)
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I'm excited to release these 29 really fun and beautiful presets ("looks") for you! I've been perfecting them for the last seven years as I shoot photos of people and art at festivals around the world. Plus these also work great in other environments too, as you'll see in the sample photos and videos. And even better, you can get them for Lightroom or Luminar.

You'll notice that my festival photos have a few different sorts of "looks" and now you can have them all. There's seven different filters that give you different sorts of sandstorm/Mad Max cinematic looks. There's a handful of photos for with some gnarly black & white situations. Last, my favorite, there are a variety of desaturated, low-contrast looks that give the photos an amazing feeling.

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Photo prise le 31 août 2018 (© Trey Ratcliff / Flickr)

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