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Brandin at home...

Brandin at home...

Before beginning this tour across the USA and Canada I stopped in LA to see my friend Brandin Cooks (@TheArcher on Insta). I first met him when he visited me in New Zealand and he's since become an art collector. Here's one of my pieces from there hanging in his home. We both have a soft spot for that place! Brandin is also a good photographer so it was fun to walk around crazy Venice Beach with him to take photos. I tell ya, the CRAZIEST people in the world are drawn to Venice Beach. Wow... I had forgotten. Anyway, 10 more cities to visit on this tour. I think that my art talks in almost all the cities are sold out (we haven't announced the last 3 yet). Surprisingly (or maybe not??), Toronto was the first one to sell out! I guess those Canadians are just STARVED for entertainment... hehe, you know I don't mean that Toronto.
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Photo taken on 11 June 2019 (© Trey Ratcliff / Flickr)

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