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Townsend Solitaire - University of BC, BC Prison breakout Enjoy Blossom The inner circle Colírio urbano... You are here Hillside Lodge - Gaslight Village - Wyoming County -  New York -  Former Spa out of Field Stones O peixe nosso de cada dia... Downtown branch - Manhattan, New York City Ebbsbach creek with trees in winter near Ebbs in Tyrol, Austria Sunday blues Rootsy salt print #2 Ancient Khmer temple ruins in Prasat Muang Singh Historical Park in Kanchanaburi province, Thailand 3KA13995a_C Walking in unison Huay Maekhamin waterfall in Kanchanaburi province, Thailand Winter on Hills Lake. North Little Rock, Arkansas. 2020. White Tree near Moro Bay. Bradley County, Arkansas. 2020. Frozen creek Auerbach near Oberaudorf, Bavaria, Germany Sun Sets on Elephant Long Pool Monochrome. Dover, Arkansas. 2019. Tons - degradê... tree Winter forest on Thierberg mountain in Tyrol, Austria mist - Hembury Fort, Honiton, Devon - Jan 2020 Old stone bridge over Mühlbach creek in the winter forest in Rechenau near Kiefersfelden, Bavaria, Germany Hartford Connecticut - Mark Twain House and Museum - Historic Architecture Hartford Connecticut ~ Municipal Building Atrium ~ Historical Building Lake in Bang Pa-In Royal Palace near Ayutthaya, Thailand
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