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Seebenstein Castle

Seebenstein Castle

Seebenstein Castle is located in Seebenstein, Lower Austria. The mountain castle consists of two plants, the old part with a round keep and a dilapidated palace from the 13th / 14th. Century and the high castle from the 15th to 17th centuries. The latter houses an important collection of weapons and medieval art, including a Marian sculpture by Veit Stoss. A Madonna by Tilman Riemenschneider was sold (before 2004). In a corner of the high castle is a chapel.

The castle was founded around 1045 by Gottfried von Wels-Lambach and went to the Formbacher around 1049. After the Formbacher died out in the 12th century, the castle came to the Wildensteiner. In 1170, a lumber from Seebenstein was first mentioned.

In the following centuries, the castle changed hands several times, among them were the Liechtensteiner (14th century), the Seebecker (1403-1432) and from 1432 the Königsberg. The latter built the current castle's high castle, which was besieged unsuccessfully by the Turks in 1683. In the 17th century, the castle went to the Pergen, who built a new castle in the valley and left the castle to decay.

In 1790 Anton David Steiger leased the castle and founded the association of the Wildensteiner to the blue earth. The club was abandoned in 1824, and a short time later, the Liechtensteiners bought the castle. John I of Liechtenstein built the nearby castle ruin Turkensturz.
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Photo prise @ Sautern le 27 décembre 2018 (© a7m2 / Flickr)

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