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Forchtenstein Castle II

Forchtenstein Castle II

The Forchtenstein Castle (Fraknó vára) is a late medieval castle in the homonymous community of Forchtenstein in northern Burgenland in Austria.

The first part of the castle with the 50 m high keep was built at the beginning of the 14th century by the Lords of Mattersdorf, who later became lords of Forchtenstein.

Around 1450, the Lords of Forchtenstein died because of missing male descendants and the castle came into the possession of the Habsburgs, who owned them 170 years and pledged, inter alia, to the Counts of Weißbriach and Hardegg. During this time, not much changed at the castle. In 1622, Nikolaus Esterházy, patron of the Esterházy, in exchange for the castle of Emperor Ferdinand II, and the Esterházy received the title of count. Nicholas began with the expansion of the now dilapidated castle to a fortress. He concluded in the years 1630-1634 with the Viennese master builder Simone Retacco and from 1643 with the Pallier Domenico Carlone labor contracts on the new construction of the castle. The construction professionals were all Italians. It was a major contract for three Kaisersteinbrucher masters, Ambrosius Petruzzy, Pietro Maino Maderno and Mathias Lorentisch. Kaiserstein was used for main portals, fountains, cannonballs, etc. The elaborated stones were delivered with large stone wagons pulled by six oxen. (Wikipedia).

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Photo prise @ Forchtenstein le 27 décembre 2018 (© a7m2 / Flickr)

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