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Juvenile reed cormorant? Adenium multiflorum -  desert rose Adenium multiflorum -  desert rose On the Right Track In the sunset sun No swimming in Baringo lake Our hotel Female Masai ostrich - Struthio camelus massaicus our hotel Our hotel Female village weaver. Ploceus cucullatus Kharanaq Autumn Colours Autumn walk the eye of the feather Peacock on guard Reflection time in the woods River stop view through the trees Eucalyptus sun Sunshine Filtering Through the Trees Female village weaver. Ploceus cucullatus White-browed sparrow-weaver - Plocepasser mahali P1050268 P1050267 Curvy Copenhagen P1050266 Juvenile Striated heron? Pied kingfisher -  Ceryle rudis Pied kingfisher -  Ceryle rudis
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