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36-Close-up picture of a complete stranger

36-Close-up picture of a complete stranger

Meet Alma. She is 81 and travels the world by herself. She lives in a small village in Shropshire where life is quiet. I met Alma on the coach down to Heathrow Airport. I got on the bus and saw a free seat next to Alma on the front row. She started talking immediately and carried on! The journey from Birmingham to Heathrow Airport was long and tedious but that did not stop Alma from making it very enjoyable as she recounted tales about her travels. I learnt that this year she has visited Mongolia, Italy and Spain by herself. Previous trips have included China, Finland, the Baltic States, NZ and Africa. She signs up for adventure tours and being totally fearless completes them. This trip was to Peru followed by the Amazon Jungle; all by herself (although there is a group of other people travelling with her). She loved having her picture taken as well. This was taken whilst we were unloading our baggage at the Central Coach Station at London Heathrow. She is not in the digital age so she may well not get to see the picture. And yes, she has blue hair dye.

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Photo prise le 6 septembre 2018 (© Damien Walmsley / Flickr)

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