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Scrap Metal Scavengers, Manila Philippines Scavenged Trash at Smokey Mountain Landfill, Manila Philippines Burning Trash to Scavenge Metal, Tongo Manila, Philippines Trash Pickers Burning Garbage, Smokey Mountain, Manila Philippines Dusk at Tondo Landfill, Manila Philippines Graffiti DSC04000_ep Slate on Hand flatbottom row-boat TRASH Napping on Rubble Pile Child Living in Tondo Garbage Dump, Manila Philippines Trash Scavengers & Fire, Tondo Landfill, Manila Philippines Palermo Anaconda Disposal Service There's beauty in everything, they say. puddle DSC03990_ep DSC03970_ep DSC03982_ep2 The Constallation Of Jankufūdo Cabin clean up - cabin 2 Douthat State Park Party Sponsorisé par Desjardins Photo gold wrap dig that grunge look..norwich cathedral DUAL Twin Lakes Cleanup 10.15 Marshall County Middle School (10) Twin Lakes Cleanup 10.15 Marshall County Middle School (15)
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 garbage, rubbish, street, urban, abandoned, litter, bw, graffiti, nyc, waste
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