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Mongolia Nizhneudinsk, Russia Nizhneudinsk, Russia Tulun, Russia On the Trans Siberian Somewhere in the Irkutskaya Oblast, Russia The small station at Kamyschet, Russia Alzamay, Russia Tayshet, Russia Tayshet, Russia Novosibirsk, Russia In Siberia Novosibirsk, Russia Novosibirsk, Russia Train 2  The Rossiya Trans-Siberian Railway Moscow Yaroslavski station Train 2 The Rossiya Russian PA-1 Rail bus. the edge of the forbidden city At Choir Mongolia Passing Train 3 Near Barabinsk, Russia Arriving Barabinsk, Russia Novosibirsk, Russia At Listvyanka At Listvyanka At Listvyanka At Listvyanka On the Trans Siberian shadows of the subway pillars of the gobi temple
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