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Preach To My Biceps Exercise Trident Juncture 2018 KSC-20181025-PH_KLS01_0055 New Virginia Guard Soldiers prepare for basic, AIT at Recruit Sustainment Program 180427-N-CF658-135 Inzell 2018 Providing Cover 150507-F-NL936-339 Lone Trainer Last Set Finished Let's Begin Delaware and New Jersey National Guard Barbell And Bulges The Machine Army Air Corps Reserves train with Wildcat helicopters Sailors move away from an MV-22 Osprey after it lands. Put Your Iron Boots On Mācību IMG_9564.JPG End Of Workout Plate Change 2018 Washington Redskins NFL football  Richmond Training Camp Virginia Exercise Talon Gravis 10th Regiment, Advanced Camp | Field Training Exercise 8th Regiment, Basic Camp | Drill and Ceremony Competition Inzell 2018 New Jersey National Guard 10th Regiment, Advanced Camp | Family Day 180808-N-OW019-1035 8th Regiment, Basic Camp | Drill and Ceremony Competition
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