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Tranquility at the stone garden On the way to meditation A feeling of tranquility This isn't right... this must be a dream! Wake up! Wake up! Going home after working in the field Upper House, ready for Zen meditation A long time ago in a far away place Show me the way Shingon Mikkyo priest A long time ago in a remote village in Japan Dinner is ready! Mikkyo Zen teaching Once upon a time in dark dark night... Finding shelter At last, time for contemplation Transitioning from the profane to the sacred Door in a door Living in a castle Lecture in the stone garden Look inside to reflect on the outside Deep blue, I am thinking of you Zen philosophy explained Meditation at twilight Space odyssey at the stone garden Well deserved time off after a long day in the field Secret teachings It's cold outside stay here with me Sound of wedding music Soothing sounds of running water and rustling leaves
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