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Mannequin Torso Dusty Mannequins loveheart Artwork by Odilon Redon Doryphoros torso Boxing Aid Muscular chest and abs Getty Villa ~ Malibu Moving day DSC_4698 Greek terracotta figure of a young man (1) Greek terracotta figure of a young man (2) Der Stein. / 08.10.2018 KNOX the pup, painting by scott richard from the folsom street fair series 6Q3A2794 (2) The anatomy lesson Torse d'éphèbe DSCF5914.jpg Xpicta_Torso At The End......1 DSC_4695 DSC_4694 Torso of Venus Man with Spear Aussie Boys India, Puttaparthi, passer 2018-10-FL-197273
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 man, male, body, portrait, selfportrait, sweden, turning, self, bw, sculpture
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